onsdag 5 oktober 2011

The safety perspectives about surveillance.

I just came home from a trip to London last week. Lovely weather 29.9 C in the shade (English record in October!). But that's not the point, the point is, whether I was at the subway, walking at the canals, during night home from the pub. We still felt safe due to all surveillance there is in London (Maybe not the darkest street but most of them!). The times I've visited London and travelled by the tube. I've never seen any fight, stealing, arguing – nothing. Maybe it's because Londoners are calmer than Swedes, but I still feel that the cameras has made it a safer place to be.
Then we have the football matches. England was infamous for their hooligans at football matches. Now they have really good surveillance and the penalty for starting fights or anything like that are huge. Something Sweden has failed in when there's many matches last season that got cancelled due to hooligans.  Hopefully we can take after here so that people can feel safe during a football match!